tekken 6

tekken 6 was released in ps3 after the king of ironfist 5.jin kazama who the leader of mishima zaibatsu running this tournament killed jinpachi mishima in the ironfist tournament 5.This game is very updated from the past since we cousins are playing from tekken 1 to 6.perphaps this game is full of amazing life style of Jin Kazama,Heichachi mishima and kazuya mishima

PS2: games

There is something i need to tell you about PS games these games are usually with fun check out bully, tekken 5 and other games like resident evil 4. PS2 games are dvd games. There are 4 parts of playstation which have been released by the sony entertainment

ITALIAN SERIE A: Robinho goal’s against parma

what a goal’s? truly beautiful goals by Robinho what a drbbiling ,passing and magnificent goal’s by Robinho. you,vw would have seen these goals on youtube.they are  amazing.oh! no forgot to tell you about  cassano’s second goal in the league.Amazing passing by Antonini,Seedorf,Gattuso and Cassano

Chris vs Wesker – Resident Evil 5

This video is about Chris and Wesker; the man who has been affected by a virus from Umbrella Cooperation. This video is my favorite video of RE5. I like this game to much that always search on it and find a video.


THE game  resident evil  5  the game which i love> I love RESIDENT EVIL evry part cause it has a nice story . The  survivor skills
of CHRIS REDFIELD who is the hero in this game have surviror skills to dogde an attack and his partner Sheva also has great surviror skills to dodge an attack.Probably i love this game cause it has body  and great moves and skills . This game is also starring with JILL VALENTINE and WESKER THE ENEMY.


Funny Funny football referee


I’m interested in it cause it has High Definition graphics and 3D Game Play. RE4 has cool moves and probably a good story. RE4  is probably my favourite game This game has both three sections past, present and finally future. When i saw this game it had gymnastics in it. I don’t really like gymnastic even though in my school.

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